bree von bradsky

In October, 2016 I bought a one-way ticket to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to start my journey of unknowns on November 10, 2016. 

- Lets back up a bit-

In May of 2016 I graduated from William Smith College in Geneva, NY with a dual degree in Anthropology and Media and Society. Combining the two has ultimately led me to become a documentarian utilizing both photography and videography. Before that fateful graduation day I told myself, along with many others, that come October if I did not have a job I'd be buying a ticket to Vietnam to find one. Well, in reality I had two remarkable jobs- one for Hobart and William Smith Colleges and the other for the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY. It turns out the wanderlust bug bit hard and I could not resist the temptations of experiencing cultures other than my own. 

This site will act as a way to exhibit the photographs and videos I take throughout my travels. Specifically I plan to emphasize both women travelers and locals by sharing their stories on my blog. 

Before I left, many asked why I was traveling alone. My response is simple: Why not? I learned at a young age that life does not run linear, nor would I want it to. As a feminist, an explorer, and a thinker, experiencing different ways of life through travel will only work to expand my knowledge and my gender should not limit me from doing so. During this journey I will work to contradict the trend of many popular media outlets that display and promote adventurers and travelers as predominately men.

Women are perceptive. Women are resilient. Women are daring.

Women are adventurers.





Running list of places I've traveled to after 11/10/2016: 

  • Mongolia

    • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (11/11-12/4), (6/02-)

    • Choibalsan, Mongolia (11/28-12/1)

    • 700 km - the Gobi Gallop

  • Viet Nam

    • Ha Noi, Viet Nam (12/4/17- ...

    • Dong Cao, Viet Nam (1/8-1/9)

    • Tam Dao, Viet Nam (1/18)

    • Ninh Binh, Viet Nam

    • Ba Vi, Viet Nam

    • Ha Long, Viet Nam

    • Mai Chau, Viet Nam

    • Cao Bang, Viet Nam

  • Laos

    • Vientiane, Laos (1/26-1/29) (2/8-2/9)

    • Huay Xai, Laos (1/29)

    • Luang Namtha, Laos (2/1-2/3)

    • Luang Prabang, Laos (2/3-2/6)

    • Vang Vieng, Laos (2/6-2/8)

  • China

    • Hong Kong, China (5/4-5/5)

  • Malaysia

    • Kuala Lumpur (8/7-8/9) (twice)

  • Taiwan

    • Taipei (18/5-19/5)

  • India (31/6)

    • Delhi

    • Jaipur

    • Pushkar

    • Leh, Ladakh

    • Diskit

    • Turtuk

    • Panamik

    • Pangong Lake

  • New Zealand

    • South Island (Christchurch, Nelson, Kaikoura, Akaroa, Arthurs Pass, Castle Hill, Queenstown, Wanaka, Milford Sound, Hakatika)

    • North Island (Wellington, Auckland, Northlands, New Plymouth)

  • Australia

    • Melbourne

    • Sydney

  • South Africa

    • Johannesburg

    • Cape Town

    • Pretoria

    • Pilansburg

  • eSwatini (Swaziland)

    • Mbabane

  • England

    • London

  • Wales

    • Camarthen

    • Snowdonia

    • Brecon Beacons

    • St. Davids

  • USA